Sigh... sibblings.

August 30, 2011
By Achillean98 BRONZE, NY, New York
Achillean98 BRONZE, NY, New York
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Awoken from the childhood was the day, I perceived chances, I started to look at the world in a whole different perspective. My older sister was always a role model to me; she always has this inclination and the penchant to help the elderly, as well as others. Throughout our family life, my sister always looks down on me; not that it bothered me, but in antithesis it inspired me to work harder in school. Ever since, I tried extremely hard in schools, take AP course, and attempted to outscore her on the SAT. – Yup, we’re that competitive.

Not just in academic, did I tried to compete with her, but also on daily routine we’d fight over, whether whose going to get the better sit on the couch, whose gets to sleep on the top bump bed, and whose going to get last cup cake. Yet, she always ends up getting the last cup cake. To me it seems, my parents favor her more; although it seems arbitrary, but I didn’t complain. I know one-day I’m be the alpha male among the family because she’s the first generation child in the house hold, I can easily sight-out and learn from her errors. I know I’m still young and immature, but my adolescent qualities are exclusive when it’s come to competition on variety of subjects. As negative as had I’ve asserted my sister’s quality; she had immersive influence on my life. Her bossy personalities helped to me cope better with other individuals, as well as my innate attributes.

I remember, clearly, one time when my sister go into an extend to fame me into trouble. I retaliated by writing “You’re a fat chicken” in her note book. She saw it and cried; it made me felt terrible afterwards; I also wore to myself, to let her do what she wanted. I won’t retaliate to her snobbish games. At time her clamor is so irksome, that I’d need to sort out compromises with her; I even tried the silent treatment. Over time she realized that I was despondent to her ignorant games, and thus the childish games atrophied as time progressed. Looking/thinking back, we both laugh at our pass idioticy as past-time; yet we still joke around, but not to an extent where one of use stay aloof to one another.

Over all these years, I noticed substantial improvement on my vocal skills, academic skills, enmity associations, but most important leadership’s skills; guess I’m not the only one leading. I will continue to ameliorate my personal traits and continue to prosper into an unknown future, which will have my name scripted on their curriculum! Not only that, I will travel to different countries, experience their perspective views and alter those whom are ignorant into distinct individuals. At-least, this is what my sister had done for me.
To sum this up - Every individual at some point needs to grow up and step out from their comfort zone and try something new. Who knows, it may change one’s life or it may inspire one to opening up and acknowledge others feelings and perspective. As time progress, one’s proactive trait and virtue will engender into something sufficient and worthwhile; such the adversary mechanisms between me and my sister. As Oscar Wildo stated best: “I knew that I had come face to face with someone whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself.”

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