The Day I Found My Passion

September 1, 2011
By Richard Damewood BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
Richard Damewood BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
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I feel ready to scream at the top of my lungs. I am over joyed just waiting for a reason to fly out of my warm soft bed and go see what is waiting for me on this rare occasion that I have been desperately waiting for. Suddenly, a screaming eighteen wheeler fly’s by my house on highway that runs next to my house. My tired eyes crack open so that I am looking up at my ceiling. I look out the window only to see my reflection in my frost covered window.

I come to my senses to find it is early in the new day so I leap out of bed flying into the cold air compared to the warm comforting bed I have been in for the last 8 hours. I can smell the bacon and eggs sizzling on my stove. I go into the living room to wait for a breakfast that smells divinely delicious. When I enter the doorway I see several boxes rapped in paper but a larger one catches my attention. I am instantly curious as to what is inside of that mysterious box. My mom tells me that I can only open them when I am finished with my breakfast and I put some clothes on.

I destroy two moist, peppered, scrambled eggs and I ate each piece of crispy bacon as if it is the last five minutes of my life. So I go to wash off my plate and fork that are covered in slimy grease that is like butter. When my mom tells me I can open my present. I dash across my slippery kitchen tile and into my living room where I see the box I have been waiting for. I tear open the paper and destroy the box covering what is a new skate board. I hear my dad’s thumping foot steps thundering down the hallway he tells me to try it out outside. I jump up so high I almost hit my head on the ceiling and sprint to my front door, I open it and close it so fast that it shakes the door frame. I set the new hard poly urethane wheels on the freezing cracked pavement that is like concrete. First I put my left DC shoe on the front four steel screws and on the gritty grip tape of the element board and my right DC shoe on the concrete so that I could push. I push as hard as I can and my new bearings glide with speed like a turbine in an f16 jet engine.
With my wheels spread across the pavement suddenly I hit a sharp gray pebble and it sent me flying into the air and crashed into the ground. When I opened my eyes my face was pressed into the ground and when I lifted it I could feel the small grains of rock pressed into my face so I gently wiped them off and at the same time I looked at my battered knee and realized that if I am ever going to be an excellent skateboarder then I was going to have to take the abuse and pain to be able to become better. In that same spectacular moment I was permanently attached to the new sport that very many people have loved and given up because the work and passion involved in becoming a skateboarder.
In my opinion you must be able to skate smoothly and be able to perform the tricks and moves that you need to do so that you can have fun riding you your skateboard and not end up like many sad people that have given up because skating was not fun for them.

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