Roller Coaster

August 11, 2011
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My life has been a crazy roller coaster and I have deal with my problems in my own way but people keep nagging at me and putting me down like I don’t do s*** or I just care about myself or that I have it lucky And yeah somethings I do have lucky when is comes to having a family or having some wear to live and having materials that other people don’t have. I do understand all that and I am truly grateful for all of that. when It comes to my life and problems in them I’m not so lucky because I am hurt emotionally and mentally and I have a way with dealing with those feeling but I do have a way of keeping my feelings to myself and I know that it might not be that best thing to do but sometimes there just that subject I want to talk about because it hurt and makes me want to cry and I hate crying so I try to avoid it but I know those feeling will be put on paper as some beautiful art work or something as simple as a journal, but on the inside I know I am a strong person and from everything I have been through I’m not gonna say that some of those moments or memories don’t still hurt me today because I know they do because they repeat in my head everyday and I know they don’t get to me, but sometimes they do and I just want to break down. But I know there always someone out there that I can care for and talk too and that is a person I will never let go because there the most important.

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