Old Reliable

August 9, 2011
By ExplicitRainstorms SILVER, Long Beach, California
ExplicitRainstorms SILVER, Long Beach, California
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He’s been by my side for over 11 years now. We’ve gone through the unthinkable together, forced to grow up at such a young age. Following his guidance came naturally to me due to his overwhelming amounts of wisdom. I looked up to him for years for being such a knowledgeable and reliable friend.

Maintaining a perfect attendance record in my everyday life allotted him to become the most loyal thing I’d ever known. But soon enough, the darkness and cruelty of man’s heart was revealed to me, and life suddenly became more complicated. Ignorance dominated my thoughts and actions as things got a little less comfortable at home. With my parents being indecisive about a final divorce and the loss of my grandfather still looming over my head nearly 2 years later, I was an emotional wreck.

Disconnected was the word chosen to describe my behavior as my life fell apart in a matter of a few events. My faithful buddy attempted to show me comfort and love, but I stubbornly shut down and pushed him away. While our time together grew shorter, my time revolved around survival. My world remained in a state of hectic-ness, as a church split occurred, a threatening phone call was received, a betrayal appeared, and hurt was presented.

On my darkest day, he sat by the side of my bed and waited. I glanced over in a numb state and saw nothing. But there he was, throwing himself in front of me, waving and flailing and calling my name. Realization smacked me at that exact moment.

My friend was there. He always had been. And as I pulled him in for a warm embrace, all the love and wisdom and guidance that I had been successfully failing to live without was there again. He had never left me, even when I turned my back on him; and he has helped make me the strong, unique independent person that I am today. HE was my old, beat up, personalized little Bible. And he is the reason why I am able to say with a smile that I have a reliable friend.

The author's comments:
Personified my Bible as a reliable friend :] Maybe you can relate...

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