Love in the Blind

July 28, 2011
By , new york, NY
His lips formed to say words, but my words came out faster. " I'm not who you
think I am", I said with a hint of pain lingering behind them. His expression
changed instantly. It wasn't something I can hide any longer. " I am in love
with your sister" I said. He stared at me and screamed no. He repeated those
word over and over. It felt like I was being whipped across my back like a
slave. The pain of his heartbreak was unbearable to watch. Feelings, emotions
and a series of events with his sister I couldn't hold in anymore. I had to tell
him about me and her. Will she hate me? Will she continue to love me ? My heart
injected with relief and pity. " I can't believe I was going to say I love you.
Your a freak! A f***ing freak. You both deserve to die" are the last words I
heard from him. The next morning I saw his sister. The feelings of love and
heartwarming moments came back to me. I laughed she frowned. I smiled she put
her head down. She cried I comforted her. The words we can't date anymore never
sounded as bad as it did when it came from her then when it came from my other
ex's. They say being heartbroken gets easier. But it has been 4 years and the
pain is still here. Will it go away?

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