War Brothers

July 22, 2011
It once was a game we played when we were kids. Just two kids we were back then. You though it was all fun and games. You couldn't see past the part were you pulled the trigger and each and every time you talked about war. You said that's what you wanted to do when we grew up. I tried teaching you their was more to war then just guns. But so young only wants to play and dream. I told you people die its not all fun. We dreamed of going in together, though we were somthin. But what you didn't know was it won't be like the game we played when we were kids. Hero's we though we'd be! But along I would think to myself when we went in only one was coming back out. I always though it would be me. Cause you saw it as a game not for what it really was. Now the day is approaching for me to leave. Its still a couple years down the road though. But I know it will be here before you know it. I keep picturing us playing war in the backyard. I wonder if its going to be what we imaged. To bad your not going to be there to have my back when duty calls. I hope you know you'll always be my war buddy. You always wanted to go into the marines. I remember us sittin on my back porch hunting me telling what to do. Now as I look back on it I see a boy of only 18 engraved in my brain sayin sis is this what it feels like playin war. And I say bro I guess so.

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