Trouble in Mind

July 15, 2011
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One day while Tony, Aubrey and I were walking, they both were talking and bragging on their flashy new cellphones, and all the interesting things they could do.
"My phone is better than yours Tony, and you know it!!" Aubrey said.
"Mine has 5 gigs and yours has 2 gigs so hardy-har-har!" Tony screamed.
"Isaiah!!" Aubrey said. "Which phone is the best?"
"I don’t know because I don’t have one," I said.
Tony and Aubrey both looked at each other and laughed. I screamed and said "WHATS FUNNY!!"
They just kept on laughing and it made me feel like I wet my pants and everybody was making fun of me. I started to walk home and think on how to approach my mother. My mother is very short, but she's like a spring loaded with power, and you have to approach her with ease. I thought about giving her those red roses with the cherry scented smell. As I walked through the door I had a peculiar smile that my mother didn't always see.
"Hi mom, how are you doing?" I said.
"I’m doing fine son, but why are you smiling like that?"
"No reason. Just an ordinary day for me," I said.
"Um-huh. You must want something."
I thought about just telling her what I wanted but I thought that I should just keep it going.
"No mom, why did you say that?"
“Because you just don’t usually smile and greet me like that, so what do you want?"
"Alright mom you squeezed it out of me, can I pretty pretty please have a cell phone?!"

"Why mom? I cook, I clean, I do whatever you ask me to so why can’t I have a cellphone?"
"BECAUSE, you’re too young and because I SAID SO!!"
BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!! As I went storming down the hall and into my room I yelled,
“Nothing mom.”
A few minutes later my mom burst into my room.
"I will get you your phone if you promise to bring home A's and B's and no bad phone calls from your teacher.”
I agreed and the next couple of weeks I kept that promise, although it was pain and agony for me to keep it. Every time someone would tell a joke I would try my best to think of a sad thing. The teacher would look at me and shake her pretzel-shaped head. All I could do is lay my head down and think about the benefits that would come if I did better in school. One day I was doing extremely well in my language class. I had gotten three one-hundreds and an eighty and the teacher, Mrs. Parker, was impressed. One day it was time to go to lunch when Mrs. Parker said:

"Isaiah!! Will you come here? I need to talk to you."
"Am I doing bad Mrs. Parker?" I said.
“No. I was calling you in because you were doing so good."
"Thank you Mrs. Parker. And will you do me a favor and tell my mother that I have been doing a swell job?"
“Yes Isaiah. I will do that since you’re doing very well.”
So I was walking home alone, thinking about when Mrs. Parker was going to call my mother. I walked through the door and discovered that no one was there. I walked through the living room and saw that there wasn't a butt cheek print in the sofa. I went into my mother’s room and she was watching her soap operas.
"Hey son. I didn't hear you walking in."
"Hey mom."
"Look I got a call from your teacher Mrs. Parker and I got a good report. She said that you were doing very well in her class and your behavior issues have gotten better too.
“Yes. I will get you a phone tomorrow!”

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