Love of Animals

July 3, 2011
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It all started when I was about 7. My mother was driving me to school as usual when a quail ran across the road. It happened so fast. I remember me screaming with tears already running down my cheeks. I remember her emotionless expression as the quail met the wheel. I sat silently in the car the whole way to school, tears falling down my face. When we reached the school, mom held my arm to signal for me to stay for a second. I crossed my arms and glared out the window, as fresh angry tears began to fall from my eyes. "You're a murderer." I said bluntly. Mom laughed which only fueled my fire. I began to pound my fists on my legs in an attempt to throw a tantrum. She just looked at me with a smile saying, "Dei'Ja would you rather us die or the quail?" I wasted no time in answering, "I would rather die." She just shook her head still smiling, "Some day you'll understand."

Well its been nine years and I still don't understand. My friends joke with me all the time saying how they refuse to ride with someone who's willing to swerve and die to save a quail. There was one time at track practice when a hidden mouse had been under our High Jump Mat. We have to move the mat to the storage room everday but that day was different. My friend and I had started to drag the mat when I saw the mouse. I screamed for her to stop but it was to late. The mouse's back was broken. She stood shocked at my tears. I kneeled to the ground and gazed at the mouse that was struggling to move. It couldn't move its back legs yet it still managed to crawl towards me. It was inches from me when its struggle finally ended and it passed away. It happened in seconds yet to me it lasted a lifetime. Everyone knows my love for animals is strong so no one disturbed me as I cried for the rest of practice.

I know for a fact that my love for animals will be forever in my heart. As a young adult it still has room to grow into something stronger. I plan to use that strength.

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