Favorite Holiday

June 2, 2011
My favorite holiday is Halloween because of scaring people. It is fun to do it with your friends and getting candy to eat. Sometimes we scare people and sometimes we go for candy. This one time me and my friend Max would scare people that came to the door. My friend Max would put on his scuba diving suit and would hide in the bushes and jump out and people as they walked by. It was so funny because it really scared people. My parents always made our house look really scary. The other reason I love Halloween is because of the costumes. When I was 4 my favorite costume was a “Buzz Light Year” costume. I was obsessed with “Toy Story” and Buzz was favorite character. I loved Buzz because he had a space suit and wings. I will make sure that if I have kids, my kids will love Halloween as much as I do. What I lerned from this I it is fun to dress up for Halloween.

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