May 26, 2011
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When I came to Sunnyside I had no clue of were I was at. I didn’t know what street, or what town I was at. I didn’t know anybody but my uncles, aunts and cousins. I was nervous especially when I went to the new school. I am really shy to talk to people and when my mom took me to the new school which was Harrison Middle School and when I walked in everyone started asking me questions and I was really shy to answer them. Then a while pass and I started to get to know more people.

I remember the good times that i had in Los Angeles with my friends because we would always go to the park and play hide and seek in the entire park. When we would finish we would go and eat “TOMS.” They sold big hamburgers for a dollar. After that we would go to the apartments and be chilling and then we would go to this store called MORENOS.

All we did their was play the arcade games. I would bet money to the guy who ownd the store and I would always win him 5 dollars. I was unstoppable because not even my brother, or my friends could of beat me. Those were good times.

Now I am thinking when I graduate I should move back to Los Angeles but if I do, I’m going to miss Sunnyside and all my friends. When I’m older I hope I make the right decision.

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