May 25, 2011
By Crystal Cisneros BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
Crystal Cisneros BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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Some things change so suddenly! I mean a lot of things do, right? Listen clearly I'm going to tell you about a story that changed my whole family's life forever! Here it goes.

I was jumping up and down around the house, like most five year olds did. My dad had came home telling me “voy a la tienda quieres venir?” everywhere he went, he always invited me! From walks to party's, I was always with him. Everywhere he was at, you name it, I was there! With excitement I reply “si si si donde estan mis shoes?!” I ran to my room looking for my converse. I looked everywhere. In the bathroom, all the rooms, I even looked in the garbage! Until, I finally found them under my mom's bed. I put them on quicker than quick! I than realized I still didn't know how to tie my shoes, so I just had my dad tie them for me and ran to the truck, I loved going places with my dad.

Talking the whole way, we finally get to Wal-Mart, on my dad's shoulders the whole way inside laughing and what not! While he was looking at this shirt I saw this watch that I absolutely loved! It was hello-kitty and I wanted it, I wanted it! Wanted it so bad, c'mon it was pink! I immediately ran to my dad, “Papi Papi me lo compras?” I said jumping up and down eager for him to say yes already; I always got my way with him. Always! He was laughing and nodding his head yes. He thought it was so funny how I was so excited over a little pink watch. He picked me up and we headed to go pay, That was when I saw the m&m's. It was Tony's birthday the next day, I had to get that fatty something! Of course a fatty would love m&m's! I point and say “Papi para el cumple de Tony!” he smiled and nodded his head yes. The whole way back home I was asleep. Well, pretending to be asleep! I loved to be carried into my house in my dads arms. I always got my way, because he did carry me inside!

While he was laying me down on the couch, I heard my mom talking in the other room. A few minutes later not long at all she came into the living room. It didn't take long at all before they started fighting! I was not surprised, they had been fighting a lot. I always had to stop the fights, so I got up acting as if they had woke me up with there arguing, when I was really just pretending. I looked at my dad and noticed he had flowers in his hands. Where did he get those from? Who were they for? Well, that was a pretty stupid question! Sadly, I knew exactly who they were for. They were for that stupid “Vieja!”. My mom had all the right to be mad at him. Although, I couldn't find it in my heart to be mad at him, I loved him! He left promising me that he was going to take me to the park the next day. I gave him a hug and kiss, and he went on his way. Once the door slammed I ran to go tell my niece Gracie we were going to go to the park the next day.

Next day comes, no show! I was ready and everything, where the heck was he? I was so frustrated, I hated when he never kept his promises. It was one thing when he broke a promise with my mom, because he did that often. But a whole different thing when he broke one with me, I would get furious with him and he knew it! My mom was making tortillas in the kitchen, while my big sister was watching TV in the other room. I could tell that my mom was all frustrated because I kept bugging and asking her when my dad was gonna come home. of course, she had the same answer every time “no se!”. Until, she finally got annoyed and yelled “ya cayate Crystal vete a hugar con Cheli!”. I had no choice but to listen to her. So me and Gracie were playing like we usually did, when out of no where I heard my sister crying and screaming. By the time I got downstairs my mom doing the same thing! Why were they crying? That I didn't know, I just wanted to go to the park.

Hours passed, and still no show! I waited that whole week by the door, asking everybody where he was at. Nobody told me anything! So I got bored and went outside to where everyone was at. Adolfo, my third oldest brother was crying and talking to a cop. So I went to go see where Tony was at, I loved bugging him! Tony was just down my driveway with his friends not even playing just talking. I remember I went up to them and listened to there conversation. Arturo, my next door neighbor said “man! I heard the gun shot from school.” After he said that Tony looked at him and replied “dude, my little sister is right here!! she doesn't know.” That shut him up, and all his friends were just staring out into nothing, including Tony. What was happening? I did not know.

A whole week passed, and of course no show. That whole week we got a lot of visits, and of course crying visitors. Nobody wanted to play with me, everyone was just too sad! Especially my brothers, I don't think I had ever seen them cry. My mom told me I was gonna see my dad. I was excited! No! More like ecstatic, even though I was so mad at him. I wanted to yell at him and make him give me an explanation for why he didn't take me to the park or even come home! Especially for not even being here, since everyone else was all depressed. We all got ready and headed to what I never would of thought my dad would be at.

I was sitting right in front, on my knees with my hands on top of this beautiful white bench, watching as people walked up to where my dad was. He was right up front in this huge box they call a coffin, asleep. Why the heck was my dad sleeping in front of so many people? Weird! Some people were crying, others screaming but all dead serious. Than it was my turn to go up, I got up from my bench. My mom picked me up, and put me on top of his coffin. I looked at him and smiled. Why didn't he smile back? He always smiled back at me when I smiled a him! I grabbed his hand like everyone else was doing, and I said “i love you Papi” without crying at all! That made me one of the only ones in the whole room not crying, rare.

Sometimes, I catch myself wondering how things would be if he never went to her house. She was so certain her husband wasn't home, or was she? What a stupid *BEEP*! Till' this day it makes me mad! Even though I really can't say it was all her fault because my dad knew exactly what he was doing. All I know now is that my dad went to her house, just two blocks down. Her husband was there and of course they got into an argument, because she was cheating on her husband with my dad. He was in Arizona working and came without telling her, I guess he wanted to surprise her. Yup, he came to find out his wife was having an affair with my father! Of course an argument led to a fight. But somehow that fight led to a gun in his hands! Next thing you know, I'm left with a hello-kitty watch to remember him by.

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