May 25, 2011
By 509jizz BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
509jizz BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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Alejandro and I were the best of friends in 1st grade. Nothing could seperate us, well until he hit me in the eye with his elbow. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were playing on the playground when BOOM!!! I see a flash of black. I feel my face sting. My nose feels stuffy and my eye burns. my face gets hot and wet I start to cry. Out of nowhere he says, ‘‘Crystal are you okay?’’
I answer back sharply, “no you idiot you hit my eye!’’
I look to my right and see a kid pointing and laughing I felt like socking both of those f***ers!!

I have never been so mad in my entire little life so this was a big DEAL. I remember coming home trying to come up with an excuse or lie so my mom wouldn’t get mad. But I couldn’t come up with one because I was feeling to many emotions at the same time like nervous, anger, hunger, sadness, pain. It sucked

I Felt the fresh air hit my face when I got off the bus. I could feel my heart
pounding & my face getting hot .I go inside and kind of froze my eye small and swollen .I see my mom studying my actions I try to ignore her by looking at the t.v. I felt relaxed by watching all the colors flash: ,red ,yellow, blue, green and purple.

I go to the bathroom not knowing how I look. I look in the mirror and see my eye half shut, black and bruised.I didn’t know Alejandro’s elbow could leave such a mark. I was so mad I started to cry, my mom came in. I was surprised she didn’t yell at me.she just told me it was alright.

She made me some cheese zombies (my favorite) and put some ice on
my eye. It felt refreshing with the ice on my hot face . It felt good to know that my mom loved me .She is the best human being to me & i love her with all my heart.

The next day my mom woke me up to put some make-up on my eye. It
was dark purple it wasn’t so swollen so I was satisfied .I went to school
feeling anxious on what people were gonna say especially Alejandro.

The day was almost over when some girls came up to me and asked me what happened. I don’t remember right there and then what they said but it hurt my feelings.

I guess that Alejandro felt bad because he hung out with me 24/7 I kind of liked it.

Alejandro is the best gay friend a girl could ask for and if he were to do the
same thing he did in first grade he wouldn’t do what he did he has a tongue piercing and is out of control I wish he were the sweet little boy I used to know and I know he knows what he’s doing but I don’t think he cares.

Alejandro If you could read this now you’ll know how I felt about you when you gave me a black eye.I hope you know that i wasn’t mad... I was really mad. You made my face hurt and for that, I thank you.!!

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