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May 25, 2011
By Jazzy34 BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
Jazzy34 BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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I remember being about 7 or 8 years old and playing outside with my brother Alexis in the backyard on the swing set. It was a nice and warm day. My dad was getting home from work soon. We go to the front yard to see our dad. We see him and tell him hi. He tell us “I have a surprise for you two”. We both got very excited. He takes something out of the trunk of the truck. It was a puppy! I look over to my brother and I see his smile go big. I could tell that he was very happy to finally get a puppy.

My dad took the puppy to the backyard for us. Me and my brother decide to play with it. The puppy would play along with us it almost wanted to jump on us but my dad said “it just wants to play”. When me and my brother would run the puppy would run after us really fast. We both got scared because it looked like it was about to bite us. We decide to walk instead so it would not bite us. We just sat down and started petting it.

While sitting there, my brother and I are thinking of what to call the puppy. It was light brown with a mix of dark brown. A German shepherd. Sitting there we were thinking and thinking of names for the puppy. We were saying some names out loud. Until there was one that would went exactly with the puppy, Cookies was the name we both had agreed to call it.

I remember when I was in the 6th grade. It was October. My dad was about to take me to school. I Get out of the house door and we hear some noises coming from where cookies was. I started to worry and wondering what the noise could be. I tell my dad and he tells me “well cookies just had puppies”. I go over to see and there are four puppies around cookies. Seeing them gave me the same feeling for when I first got cookies. I go running inside to my brother and tell him. He comes outside and sees them. His smile just went big; he was excited. When I went to school, I would wondered what to call each one of the puppies.

About 3-4 weeks later my parents told us we could finally take then out to play. We watching them run around us, petting them. We had a lot of fun with them. Then it was time to name them. We were thinking and thinking of what kind of names would go great for each puppy. We named then Minnie, Alex, Tommy, Estrellita. Each name went great for each puppy. A month later my parents decided to give them away. We gave Tommy and Alex to my uncle. We gave Minnie and Estrellita to some people that live about a block away from the house. Still today I see Tommy when we go visit my uncle.

On February of 2009 I remember waking up and looking out my window. It was a little dark because it was cold. I go outside to check on cookies. I go and check and she’s not there. Im looking everywhere and calling her. But she is nowhere. I start to worry. I run inside the house and tell my parents that cookies was gone. They told me “how can she leave” and tell me to check around the house. I tell them I already looked around. They come outside and start looking around. Unfortunately, we never found cookies. I was so upset that cookies ran away or someone took her. Still today I wonder why cookies ran away or if someone took her. Cookies was and always will be the best dog to me.

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