May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Do you and your father have problems connecting? Do you feel as if he just forgets about you?
I do.
And this is my story.

Finally off this stupid bus, trying to get home and do my homework. Kicking a rock all the way home. I tried to kick that rock as far as I could and it flew out of control to my left down my driveway into my yard and hits my dad right in the leg.
“HEY son!!” my father says.
“ hey dad.”
“So how was school son” my father asks.
“It was okay, dad.”
“ Is everything okay,Kenyon “ my father asks
“ yeah, I am okay, dad.”
“ Hey, son, you need to take out the garbage and feed the animals”
“okay! I answer.”

I am walking inside and my mom can instantly tell that I am upset, she stops me
“kenyon, is everything okay?” My mother asks.
“ no mom I hate this.”
“ Son I know that it has been hard but your father is trying so hard to make a good life for you. He does not want you to have the life that he had.”
“ Yeah I know but.......”
“ I know that your father has not been there for you or to support you but he tries so hard, so hard.” my mother says.

Later on in the evening my father walks in....??
“ What. my father says.
“Can you come down here, please?” I yell.
“ Yes, I will be right there son.”
“What's on your mind son”
“ Well dad you have not been around very much, what I am asking is if you could do something with me I know that you are a tired but please! Can you???.”
“I am so sorry son, I am so sorry I have been so busy lately that I forgot, Im so so sorry.”

Dad, I realize now that you have given up so much for me. I know that I whined when asked to do something, and now I realize it and I am sorry. It is okay, is what he would say. I know you stress too. We all have those days.
I love my dad He loves me too.


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