May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

He was only 13 years old when he got involved in gangs. He started out young but there was nothing to be said or done. Lil Crow {Miguel Angel Arciga } my brother. He was strong, confident, and never underestimated.. Ever since i was small i always wanted to be just like him. So i tried so hard...but it was harder than it looked.. He noticed that i was trying to act like him. And he finally gave in and said fine i’ll teach you to be like me. He started to teach me. He said that i needed to know how to fight.. He would wake me up with a punch every morning and i would have to respond to that i wasn’t allowed to cry or whine or i got get socked again.
Im proud of every single bruise i got cause i saw that it was a way of me improving, cause everyday i would have a new bruise. My brother on purpose would pick on me to make me mad and start a fight..haha i loved those days. I remember when i used to fear my brother.. i was so scared of him thats why i wanted to be intimidating like him.. And thats when i noticed my passion for fighting. I love to fight. I was my new hobby. Well anyways he said that to prove myself i had to fight a chap {a chap is from a different color of gang the color of red} and i would prove myself to all the homies including him. I had known that he taught me well cause i wont and rocked her ass.
Crow also taught me to never let a hyna cross me or look at me wrong, and if they did to put them back in their place cause they had nothing to be doing on your level cause they were lower then you. Tambien to never let a guy disrespect you or law a hand on you the wrong way. also if they did you can’t just stand there, cry and take it you had to move from there and beat the hell out them. That way they know best not to f*** with you.
I knew that if i didnt do tha then i had to prepare for ass beating of my life.
Without him i really don’t know what i would do. My life wouldn’t make sense. My brother is a big piece of mi vida.
Y no seria nadien sin el. He’s my life, my idol, my bro till thee end y nadien nos van a separar.. Mas que la muerte y Dios. Te amo hermano y a qui estoy parar lo que ocupes.. Firme amor de tu hermanita
“Thee Mary Jane Smoker” Alratos.

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