PJ and I

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I was eight years old, with no one to really talk to. Yeah, I had brothers and sisters but we were all different. Two of my brothers were into rock and heavy metal. The other two brothers were huge trouble makers. They were into drugs, gangs, and would always get into trouble with the police. Then comes my three sisters. One of them was like my brothers and two of them were girly girls. I had a love for sports, a good laugh, and a good education, but there was no one really there for me.

I always had a best friend in elementary school Her name was Perla Alcantar. We both had everything alike ( loved sports and a great sense of humor ). We would do everything together; always played basketball, tell jokes, and just had a good time. But the thing with me is that i never really trusted any one with my secrets. Then third grade came by...

“ Hey come sit by me. ” PJ asked.

“ No, I’ll get in trouble. ” I said.

“ Who cares. ”

“ Alright whatever then. ”

Third grade my cousin PJ and I were best friends. We would play games, sports, and tell secrets. But he was more of a friend with my other cousin Jacob. Now Jacob on the other hand i hated, and he hated me. And no it’s not that i was jealous of him being close to PJ it’s just i didn’t like him. Me and Jay would always argue i guess he thought that i was a puss. I knew i don’t fit in with them two and till this day i don’t. If i try to say something they’d just make fun of me. Honestly i don’t think they love me but i will always love them. PJ would tell me that he will never do drugs. He loved soccer black was his favorite color, and that he wanted to be a builder when he was older. Later on in third we had a choice to sign a paper. It was a promise that we would never do drugs or drink. We both broke that promise...

Pj would do any thing to get him high. My other cousin Lalo told me that he would crush up any thing to get high.

“ Hey look at this. S***’s bomb. “

“ Yeah what is it? “

“ Shrooms fool. Want some? “

“ No, I’m good ”

Shrooms are a type of mushroom that makes you hallucinate. My cousin wanted me to eat some with him. He pulled out some big chunks of white dirty shrooms, and parts that were white were as white as snow. I was thinking of trying it... but i remembered telling my self that i won’t touch white s***. How did it taste...? Good? Nasty? I always wondered. But I will always regret taking them away from him.

My cousins and I would always get into trouble, like getting caught doing something we were not supposed to do or else fighting with each other. But the most trouble that me and my cousins went through is when my cousin PJ got arrested for stealing a bike. he got caught riding it after it was reported stolen. The reason why i say we went through it is because we were all like brothers no matter what. PJ would always get in trouble. He got caught selling drugs at school. He got kicked out. So he went to a different school and in the first two weeks, he got kicked out again for the same reason.

I felt like I was losing him. PJ got worse. He would experiment with different drugs because he would always want to get high. I think thats the reason why he got so sick. PJ had to go to this hospital called Kadlec. It was a hospital for severe cases. He had something in his muscles that would just eat it. The pain that me and Jay would go through was horrible. We would think that the case with PJ would get worse.

We were luck cause God saved him. About a week or two he got better and healthier. He was off drugs but he got back into it. I just pray that we will not go through that pain of seeing PJ that way again. I know HE’S watching over him. I just hope that he gets better.

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