My Scar

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

“You and me baby, were stuck like glue”
(From “Stuck Like Glue” By Sugarland).

When I was only four years old I got my first scar. It was a stupid way to get it but, of course I couldn’t wait for recess.

I didn’t know how bad the cut was until I was at the hospital getting super glue on my eyebrow. What had happened was I couldn’t wait for recess every day but I never got the toys that I wanted to play with. So I decided to sprint as fast as I could to the gate of the playground, but right when I was celebrating that I was first, I ran into the gate and the gate wires cut me right above the eye.

What I learned from this experience is nothing is worth it if you rush. You should always wait and be patient. Everything is worth waiting for.

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