The Quuest to Qwest

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I have been a Seahawks fan for years. So has my brother. My dad has been a fan for years before I was born. We were so excited when we got tickets for a game in November. Naturally, we were disappointed when we couldn't go because my dad hurt his foot.

Then later in the year, in December, my dad told us, “We are going to the final game of the season against the Rams on Sunday night football, for the division title.” I just about exploded from excitement!

We got a room at the Silver Cloud about a block from the stadium and checked in there first. Then we walked to the event center to go to Touchdown City - a pregame football entertainment center. On the way, you could hear blue thunder -the Seahawks drum line, pumping us and the crowd up the whole way there.

At Touchdown City there was a lot to do. I got my face and hair painted Seahawk's colors, with a big 12 on the side for the 12th man. I did some “football skill tests” like throwing the ball through a target. Being there with all those other fans, you could really feel the excitement in the air.

Walking out into Qwest field, at night, under the lights, and seeing 67,000 other fans packing Qwest field, gave me goosebumps, and not just from the January cold.

The game was great. It was really competitive all the way until the end. The defense kept the Rams out of the end zone throughout the whole game. The Seahawks won on a defensive stop, and when the clock hit 0:00 all 67,000 fans screamed at the top of their lungs, because our team had won a division title after 2 years of struggling! So what if they had a losing record? They still made the playoffs!

After the game was over, walking back to the hotel, it felt like a party in the street. Everyone was so happy.

I know that most people don't get to see their favorite team win the division title, or even get to go to a game. I feel very lucky to have been able to go to such an awesome game.

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