May 25, 2011
By KIKOOS BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
KIKOOS BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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Dear Prince Charming,

I was a shy girl, turned red easily, and stuttered at time. I never knew i would walk into the classroom to find you. Holding your guitar of love- at least that’s what it was in my eyes. How could I -me, go up and talk o you. It takes courage you know.

My body was still when I first gazed at you, but my heart was going crazy .You were my first huge crush!!

I remember his smile would hutch the butterflies in my heart; Golly I would always give him a smile. I totally loved how he would always smile back,”oh jeeze, I think i’m gonna fall, he’s so adorable.” did he know I liked him?

Once upon a game/school day, my basketball team and I were getting our jerseys, me, standing, waiting, and thinking if he’d come in the gym. (Few minutes later)La La La La La, Here comes prince charming with his buddies -our direction! Game day equals me dressing up all pretty, so, he he, I was dressed up all cute. Moi, I smiled at him the whole time he passed, he smiled back more than normal! OMG -blush! Anyways, prince charming and his buddies were close to exiting the gym, I turned and saw him, oh my, him, looking back at me! Oh baby- Oh jeeze! My knees were balls up bruised up spaghetti!

There was a what I say was an embarrassing moment at the library. There we were my 3 other friends and I. Look!
We spot him sitting in the “falcon’s nest.”
“Hey ERIKA,” my friend said, “we should go sit at the table close to the falcon’s nest so you could be near him”
“Uhhhhh... NO!,” I responded in a boring tone, even though i wanted to grab the game chair near him, and sit next to him.
“You know you want to” my other friend whispered.
“You guys can go, but I’m gonna sit on the further end of the library.” I told them.
“You know you want to” all my friends popped out loudly in whisper.

Tick tock, Tick tock! Time passed and he came to return the book, which was located behind the shelves of my table! “He looked awesomely cute!” I thought .

My friends and I were sending each other hand signals and faces ,you know since we could not talk across the library . So I made one of my hands “walk” across the table and squished it with my fist the table. Well , Ha ha, I kind of forgot he was behind me . That very moment my prince charming passed next to me and saw my silly, dumb action. He was smiling- I swear I saw him wanting to laugh! At least he didn’t look directly at me- I was probably red.

Stupid me! Still remember that day when I had the chance to meet glorious prince charming, my Ooooo La La crush, but really shy at that time it didn’t happen. (why didn’t I think of the future!) Here goes the quick story: I was telling my nurse how oh so handsome he was and I haven’t spoke to him yet. here it goes! my nurse quickly like a turtle grabbed my wrist,looked at me and said, “lets go meet him” possible cupid pulled and I pulled back pleading no - that I couldn’t . Nurse lets go,while I let go of my chance,here I am bumping my hand to my head .

I remember how I would write in my journal things I would of written to prince charming , if I concluded a letter for him I would most likely be somthing like :

p.s to prince charming

You make me weak to the knees , can you catch me

p.p.s to prince charming

I write my name in capitals - habit. you are so special , I have a habit of writing your name in capitals - that means something coming from me

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