May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I had just walked in from playing basketball so I was sweaty but in a good mood, until I saw my little sister Shenell. She had obviously been waiting for me, she was standing in front of the door. She was mad at me because she thought I took her chap stick when the one I had was actually mine.
“Give me my chap stick” she said “No cus i don’t have it” I argued. I walked to the room which I shared with my little brother Boshyar. He was sitting on his bed doing nothing, he saw that I was mad. My mom pounded on the door; I opened it “Give her her chap stick back!” she ordered. “No! cus I don’t have it.” I said annoyed already.

She began searching the room. I had it in a little green box covered in white snowflakes she saw me look at it, that’s how she knew it was in there. Then, I saw her look at it; we both grabbed for it. I tried pulling it away from her but she had a tight grip. She tried pulling it away from me and since I had socks on, I fell because the floor is slippery and I hit the wall I was already mad at her so I blurted “you stupid b#@$*!!,”

After I said that to her face, I felt so good like all of this pressure was suddenly lifted from me, because I actually told her what I thought of her! I had not been getting along with her for a little over a year now. She had looked at me with big surprised eyes and said “what?!” I was still on the floor, so she grabbed me and got on top of me holding me down with her body weight. She tried punching me but I was blocking them, both arms blocking my face because that’s where she was trying to hit me. I was only in the 6th grade and she was treating me like how she used to treat my older brother Gio but he moved out not too long ago with our grandma. Then she grabbed my hands and started telling me off but I was so mad that I wasn’t even listening to what she was saying.

She finally got off of me and I went to my bed and sat on it and she sat on the other bed next to Boshyar, who had been crying since it started. Shenell was standing, watching, almost enjoying herself. That thought only got me madder. My mom and I were still arguing but then Shenell interrupted and said something that didn’t have to be said since she’s always loved attention, so I called her a b@#$*. Then my mom came up to me and slapped me, I didn’t realize I was standing until I had sat back down from the slap, I would’ve thought it would hurt but I didn’t feel anything other than my own anger because I was numb, I never feel anything when I’m mad until after I’ve cooled down sometimes.

They took my chap stick and walked out I look behind me after I shut the door and I see Boshyar, still crying, I’m not surprised when I see this, he’s always been very emotional, my mom says it’s because when she was pregnant with him our dad used to always put her down just to make her cry...I really just don’t know anything anymore, I don’t think I care anymore either.
That night I put myself to sleep with music, I like music a lot, it always makes me feel good especially Rock but not the type that screams and you can’t understand what they’re saying.
My mom and I didn’t talk to each other for almost 3 weeks after that happened, one day during the 3 weeks one
of my friends came over and she said that she can feel the tension between us two and I hadn’t even told her! I’ve never felt the same for her afterwards because there was no reason for that, she just likes to argue and start problems now she isn’t as bad but I will never forget, can’t forget, a memory just becomes a part of you, but at the same time I could sort of understand why she did what she did. If I had a child and he/she told me would hurt I admit to that but I wouldn’t have reacted the way she did.

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