Fighting with Feathers

May 25, 2011
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“My legs feel like jello” I complained to my little group of friends.
We had all agreed that each of us wanted a 20 minute hot shower. Together we moseyed to the long line of band members waiting to get their card keys. 23 hours on a bus can really kill your patience.

The third floor, great view. Inside our suit was a simple green couch, a bunk bed, a queen-sized bed, a big screen T.V., and a huge bathroom with a wall length mirror.

Me and my good friend have always been quite aggressive towards each other. So like sisters, I had to start something. I took a pillow (one of many) and nailed her right in the back, and that my friends, is how the second civil war started.

Ha! I love this game!! The way she gets that evil mysterious look in her eyes! She cocks her head to the right so slightly and I can already tell what she is thinking in that whiney tone of hers. “Keeelli!!” and then. Just then. She attacks!

After my first throw, chaos begins. She came after me, Others ducked and covered (those chickens!!) One girl even ran into the bathroom for safety, I chucked a pillow in her direction right as the door shut, but lucky me the case got stuck in the door handle, she was locked inside. Nobody bothered to help her out though, we were to preoccupied beating each other up; so many pillows being thrown around at once; hard to keep your eyes on your opponents.

Right when I was about to give up on the pillow fighting and just start tackling them, a loud knock came from the wide open hotel door.

Mr. Stern our band director was at our door looking exhausted from our trip, possibly thinking how in the world we got so much energy. He said “I'm not even gonna ask but pool party in 10”

So. If you ever want to have fun, but know its wrong, shut the door.

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