May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I’ve always had a fear of roller coasters. I had gotten lost (at the age of 4) in the toys at Burger King. On the highest structure they had. I also a fear of the dark. I have no idea how that one started, but it did and these fears do tie in with my boating trip. I was already thinking, with the scenario and all, “Yes finally a chance to overcome some of my fears”. So I prepared myself mentally, because I was already physically fit.
On the way there, Caleab (current youth pastor) was asking everybody if this was their first time; of course I was one to say “YES”. I was real nervous after Caleab told me, “Try not to go head first off the inner tube”. I asked why. He said “If you’re going to fall off your tube, cover your face”, (with a smile on his face). I said “Crap, it doesn’t matter if I cover my face...It’s still going to hurt...Uhhh”. Caleab and Trevor bursted out laughing. “What did I get myself into?” I asked myself. Too late now, to turn back and go home.

When we got there it was such a nice day. A slight breeze going around, cooling everybody down. I ran to the sand which felt like millions of tiny non-stop foot scratches rubbing against my foot. Last but not least, the refreshing water; not affected by the breeze at all. Not to hot nor to cold, just right. Now that brought my nerves to a mellow flow, kick back, relax, and enjoy the view, maximum relaxation. Then you hear the “snap”. When you snap out of a trance or deep thought kind of snap. Then that’s when the fun started.

“You guys ready?” Caleab asked “YES” Dario (one of friends from church) and me said with fear in our voices, as we said “PUNCH IT (which means GO in boat talk...I guess) CALEAB”, He floored it, which caught us off guard; sent me into panic. I don’t know about Dario, but I had a death grip on the inner tube. I wasn’t going to let go. I did eventually fall (twice), but the battle/ struggle to stay on the tube was epic, way beyond imagination of any mind know to man. It was splash over here then over there.
Bumping his tube, falling into the water at what felt like high speeds. It hurt but pain doesn’t last long when adrenaline is flooding your body like how the tsunami flooded japan, almost as if I’m getting too much. My natural competitive urge was going off the charts, I could hear this voice saying the same thing over and over again. “Take him down at all costs”. I was determined to do so and be the “KING OF THE TUBES”, Didn’t sound so cool now but it fit it at the time, plus it was worth the stunt I planned for. I call it the “MANEUVER”. I noticed every time Caleab would turn left, the person on the left would slam into the person on the right, and vise-versa, I was on the left. So I waited... he turned right, another right. Then finally he turned left and here came jesus ready to jump...side ways. A maneuver very few people can pull off; luckily I pulled it off. I landed on his tube, and pulled his shorts off first then he fell off to look for them. I felt victorious.

Soon after we were going back,inside I felt accomplished. At least I chipped away some of my fear. Now for the real thing. Later, in the future like actually get on the roller coasters, THE REAL THING.

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