My non-abuelita

May 25, 2011
By , Sunnyside, WA
I should feel sorry for how I treated her. I would blame her for what’s happened in my family. I had went along side with my mom. She convinced me, that she was a bad person. And she was.

I hated her, since I first saw her. She was replacing my grandma. My real grandma. She had past away, the cause of a tumor. She dies and she thinks she can just barge in and take her place? I don’t think so. She couldn’t do this to our family.

It was Christmas Eve, we all got together at my uncles house. We were having a great time, until she came, walking through the door. She ruined the whole FAMILY together part of Christmas. Then, I saw my grandpa alongside of her, with a handful of presents! One for each of his grandkids. I couldn’t wait. Even she wouldn’t be able to ruin that.

He handed out all the presents. I didn’t get one. “Where was mine?” I had thought. I just sat on the couch, watching the kids open their presents; happily pulling out new clothes. What was the point in that, getting everyone else presents, but me? I was just waiting, hoping, that maybe he left my present in the car, and would go get it. Nothing happened.

Well great. Just to top it all off here came my “best friend”. Josefina ( my step grandma.) Wonder what she wants? To rub it in my face that i didn’t get anything! It was bad enough already, and now she was coming over to gloat.

She extended her hands; cupping something with her hands. “Toma.” She tells me, pushing her hands out to me.

“Porque,” Was this a joke, “Que es?” I looked at her hands cupping the item then to her to her face in complete confusion. I slowly reached to what she held in her hands. A Present? This seriously was a joke! It was a “Mickey Mouse Globe”

After the things I would do to her- not welcoming her, not shaking her hand, being rude and just plain disrespectful. She gives me a present? I really was wrong about her. I shouldn’t have judged her with out getting to know her first. I had finally realized that. And I'm glad I did.

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