Life Sucked For A While

May 25, 2011
By , Sunnyside, WA
Dear Childhood,

I know the popular kids hurt you bad sometimes & on top of that you SUCKED! All of a sudden everyone started turning their backs on me because they didn’t want to be seen talking to the “fat girl.” The year that sucked the most was my fifth grade year; the year that I had my first major crush on a boy. The year that I also got called goodwill girl.

It wasn’t my fault I was born fat. If I got to choose if whether I went to school or not I would have said no, but it wasn’t my choice. If I never went to school that year none of that would have happened!

I was simply not allowed to hang out with the “popular kids” because I was fat. How awful I felt all those years with the tears hidden behind my eyes that I just couldn’t shed. The popular kids would always point and laugh, passing awful jokes amongst themselves; “Oh look! She’s finally exercising!” or “I’m afraid of her...she might eat me!”

Oh! How much I remember his little ears & nose, awesome little brown eyes,smile & flawless personality, but then everything changed... He kept asking me for favors and I being the love puppy that I was gave him everything he wanted: the answers,candy,& I always took the blame.

Ugh! To make it worse I got caught shopping at the secondhand store; Goodwill, by my crush! How ashamed & frightened I was about going to school the next day to hear the awful repetition of those words “goodwill girl.” Getting called that by the third graders wasn’t so pleasant either.

Now, you know what, I’m glad all those things happened to me, although it might sound crazy I’m pretty glad and surprised I’m alive, I was only 9 years old at the time. All those mean and horrible remarks made me consider suicide. My nightmare should never be lived by another, but things happen for a reason. So all my thanks are to my horrible childhood. You made me a stronger person even though I could’ve become stronger by myself. (Just saying)

The Girl Who Thinks You Sucked

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