Mis Amigos

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I remember when I was in 5th grade I really wanted a dog and so did my brother. We kept telling our parents to get us a dog. But they would always say, “Maybe later when you guys are older and responsible.”
We were already losing hope of getting a dog; but we found out my cousin Carlos’s dog Skittles had puppies. I was so happy I was imaging how they would look like and what kind of dog I would choose. Just the idea excited me. So when we went to his house, I was going to get this adorable puppy but my cousin was like “No this ones mine!” instead I choose one that looked like a dog that was in Mexico when we went on vacation. So that day instead of one dog, we got two because my brother also got one.
After we got the dogs I named mine Scrappy like from the movie Scooby Doo and my brother named his Rocky. We took them home and bought them a dog house and all the supplies that a dog needed. It took them a while to get used to their new home. The first night we gave them milk, because they were still puppies. After they grew older we gave them dog food. I loved my dogs so much especially Scrappy because I choose him and he liked me better then my brother but we still liked them a lot.
We had a lot of great times like when we let the dogs loose and had them chase us around and we would see if they could catch us. Also when we gave them a bath there was soap flying everywhere and instead of me giving them a shower, it was the other way around. But I think the most memorable time was when we took pictures with them in the snow. I still look back at those pictures and smile.
But we only had Scrappy and Rocky for a little while like about one and a half a year because one of our neighbors called the dog catcher. They said our dogs made too much noise so they were going to take them to the dog pound. So we had to give them away. If we didn’t the dog catcher was going to put them to sleep and I didn’t want that to happen. We gave them to my cousins friend for their own good .It was a really hard decision and I wish I could had done something but we couldn’t really do nothing.
Those dogs were my first dogs that I had ever had and I had to give them away. But those dogs are always going to hold a special part in my heart and their always going to be mis amigos.

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