Not then,Not now,Not EVER

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Grandpa,

You showed me how to be strong; maybe not the right way but I learned to be strong when others couldn’t. I hated you with a passion for seven years. I say to myself I will never show weakness to anybody not then,Not now,Not EVER. You told me one day i’ll be “a replica of you,no emotion and then nobody would mess with me.”

I remember like it was just yesterday....
You used to choke me and my brothers with a rope,just so you could get a laugh. I don’t understand why you choked us? You choked us in front of our dad and he didn’t do anything to help us. I resented my dad because he didn’t do anything to stop you. Until I found out that he was terrified of you,more than I was. He feared you because when he was young; you used to hit him with barbed wire and made him sleep with the pigs outside. He forgave you; like any child would do. He’s gone through a lot with you and if he thinks he gone through hell with you then he can get through anything. You shaped him to what he’s now. A hard worker.

I just want to say before I end this letter by saying thank you for teaching me not to show weakness. Not then,Not now,Not EVER.

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