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May 25, 2011
By cardenas96 BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
cardenas96 BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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Since a couple of years ago, I have come to realize that God has always been here for me, my family, and friends. Sometimes we may not realize His beautiful presence so warm and loving with us but He is! I lived a horrible life, but when it was my time to change, He was the one there with his arms wide open waiting for me to run into them. Once I did, it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I was thinking that I was happy and cool because I thought I

had everything I wanted; new clothes, electronics, cell phone, and what not. Deep down inside I still felt something was missing in me. I knew that not one of those things were going to fill that emptiness.

That emptiness that was in me was stopping me from being happy. It was putting me down every time I thought about it. From one time that I went to church, changed my life. I felt a heat hit me, I burst into tears asking for forgiveness, asking Him to fill that emptiness, for me to be happy. Then and there thoughts were coming to my mind like “I love you, I have always been there for you, and will never leave you.” I knew it was Him talking to me. And I realized that, that emptiness was gone. I now feel the real happiness. Even though I was happy now I still knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

People thought of me as a innocent little girl, who was so nice and caring, and came from a perfect family. Little did they know that was just the outside. When weekends would come it was always going to be “fun” because everyone would come over and get drunk then leave. But when they left it was terrible. I remember one time my dad and my brother got in a huge fight and when I say huge I mean hitting, yelling well fighting. That night was the night I cried the most. I thought “No! nothing will ever be the same with my family.” And seeing that and going through that made me want to give up big time; I had faith in God and knew he was going to help us. I know how it feels to be with a drunk family, but I try my best to stay away from it but if I’m not God will protect me.

At first I thought I was never going to change- my life, my family, my whole world was messed up. And now I realize that anything is possible because what may not be possible for me, is possible for God! By my faith, my knowledge and my experience I thank God so much for changing my life, my family, my world.

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