May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

In the words of Stitch, "Ohana means family." Stitch has an alien family that he has never met, their existence is a mystery to him. On the other hand, he has met a few of his odd alien brothers. They are kind of like the crazy uncle that all of us know and love. But most importantly, Stitch has a family that has adopted him. They love and raise him, regardless of the destruction and mischief he causes. Just as Stitch has a loving family, I have family that unconditionally love and accept me as well. There are many definitions of family. A family can be connected by blood , or connected by strong bonds created by experience and hardships. Nevertheless, a family is a group of individuals that love, trust, and care for one another. Just as Stitch has all sorts of family, I have three variations of families that support me, love me and keep me motivated.

Growing up in America, the only biological family I had consisted of my sister, my father, and my mother. What I remember from my childhood is that my parents were always working to keep food on the table. Even to this day, they still cut hair and do nails in order for my sister and me to have opportunities that they never had in life. As children, my older sister and I stayed home alone often. She took care of me and made sure I wasn't starving, setting things on fire, or hitting my forehead on dangerous objects (point to scar). I am on the advent of adulthood now, which is exciting yet daunting at the same time. Nevertheless, my family and I share a bond through blood and the hardships and experiences we have endured. My family is the basis of my stability. They motivate me, teach me, and they are there to call me out on my stupidity when it occurs.

Aside from my family in America, I have family in Vietnam that share my blood as well. However, I have only met them twice in my life. Although I don't have strong bonds with them, they mean everything to me. Their presence is vague, but it is comforting to know that I have a large family in this world. A family that is bonded by blood. A family that is living proof of my roots and my origin. A family that motivates me to succeed in order to make them proud. A family that sticks together despite the thousands of miles that separate them. When my aunt in Vietnam was diagnosed with breast cancer, my parents sent money to her to pay for her chemotherapy. My parents always support our family when they are in need despite our own fincial situation, which encourages me to become a doctor so I can support my family and save the lives of thousands of patients as well. Although I never see them, my family in Vietnam give me strength and moral support that is always present in my life. To them, I represent hope of a better future, one that is not deprived of opportunity.

Aside from my biological family, I have a family that doesn't share my blood. They are friends that I trust enough to call my brothers and sisters. Of course, this family is a bit more diverse than my biological family. These people have found a special place in my life because of what we have experienced together. Through tears of sorrow and tears of laughter, these people have solidified a strong bond with me. These people relate with me, offer me advice, teach me new perspectives, and keep my head on straight. These are the people that have chosen to be in my life.

Although it's not always blatant, my family is the basis of my stability. I am so fortunate to have a bond with people that love, trust, and support me. I am so fortunate to have people that are willing to pick me up no matter how low I may fall. My family and friends guide me in life. They accept me for who I am and unconditionally love me. They are the source of my laughter. They are the reason for my success. They are my motivation. They are the Lilo to my Stitch.

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