Rewinding Memories

May 25, 2011
By Sana Hamirani BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
Sana Hamirani BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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Think. Understand. Rewind. The figment of your imagination called the past lies behind.
They held our hands and accompanied us in through the door. Dreaming. Praying. Hoping.
We nervously sat down in our new classroom and looked around. Dreaming. Praying. Hoping. Little did we know that our soon-to-be best friends would be found in the same classroom we were hesitant to enter. Best friends who were made without any sort of verbal communication – just by an enthusiastic nod of acknowledgement and a cheerful smile.

They boldly led us into the next few grades of elementary school despite their own fears and doubts in providing us with a pleasant childhood. Ambitious. Courageous. Curious.
We took advantage of the arts and sciences, whether it was making self-portraits or doing science fair projects. With the gigantic parachute of protection, jump rope and field day, our shenanigans continued. Jamming our fingers in doors, climbing through monkey bars, hiding in orange tunnels and sliding down metal slides seemed to be a day-to-day trial. After school, our engagements became solely television with back-to-back KERA and Disney with Dragon Tales and That’s so Raven. So ambitious. So courageous. So curious.

They unexpectedly realized the changes of our constant attachments and laid out rules, reminders and chores, while assisting in projects and lending a hand along the way. Carefully. Subtly. Bravely.
Simultaneously, we walked through the hallways of lockers, giggling while being weighed down by our heavy binders. Joining sports, playing instruments and participating in extracurricular activities, we continued sailing through our middle school years. Carefully. Subtly. Bravely.

They finally started to let go of their tight grasp by teaching us to drive, assisting us in making mums and even photographing our personal achievements. Struggling. Learning. Achieving. We enjoyed the new traditions with Homecoming hall decorations, Student Council conventions, DECA competitions, road trips, summer church camps in Pennsylvania and other eventful adventures, while staying up late working on essays, AP exam review books, projects and even physics. Struggling. Learning. Achieving.

They will watch us while we walked across the stage and gratefully cheer on the fifth of June. Still dreaming. Still praying. Still hoping. After thirteen years, through the ups and downs, the television shows and social networking sites, the laughter and the tears, the stress and the success, they will reflect and reminisce what will tomorrow become our blurry past.

So as “they” – our families, friends, well-wishers and guardian angels– stay put as we continue to soar through the skies, I dream that even the most outrageous of our aspirations will come into play with reality. Even fifty years from today, when we become grumpy and grouchy, I deeply wish that we are still dreaming, still praying and still keeping that spark of hope alive.

Think. Understand. Look ahead. The figment of your imagination called the future lies ahead.

The author's comments:
This memoir was inspired by my experience throughout my school life.

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