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May 25, 2011
By Shakespeare93 BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
Shakespeare93 BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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“This journey has now reached its end
And now we must part our ways
But though you may leave me, my friend
The memories we shared, shall accompany my days”

As I finally reach my high school's day’s inevitable end, I can’t help but recall all the memories that I have made in just a few short years. I seem to be engulfed with all those times of silliness and seriousness, happiness and sorrow, joy and pain. But of the memories that I have made, these few have stood out from the rest of them, these are the memories of my dear friend whom I have lost.

Of all the memories to talk about I guess it would only be logical to start from the beginning. She was in both my biology class and algebra 1 class back in 9th grade, I had always wanted to talk to her but I figured that she wouldn’t have any interests in a guy like me. Well that all changed one day when I left my binder in our math class, she picked it up and caught up to me in the hallway to give me it. I apologized for putting her through this trouble but she said that it was fine, after that I walked her to her next class and for the rest of the year we would start walking and talking together. We always enjoyed talking to each other and it was fun talking with her. We would talk about what ever came to our minds: school, family, friends, etc. For it didn’t matter so much what it was we said, so much as how we were able to be in each other’s presence. Oh how those moments were filled with nothing but genuine joy and laughter. I remember her smile and how it shined like the sunlight on the ocean’s surface. It was the kind of smile that could make you want to do just about anything just so that it wouldn’t go away. A kind of smile that could make you smile even if your day wasn’t as great as it you hoped it would be.

As the years progressed, so did our affections for one another. In fact it was as though our passion for one another became untamed, and wanted to just burst out to the surface. And so they did on April 1st. For the entire month of March of that year she kept bring up that there was something she wanted to tell me but she was scared of telling me, so finally she decided that April 1st would be the day. I remember that I was curious about what it was that she wanted to say, and a little scared at the same time because she always looked worried about it. I would tell her that it was okay and that she didn’t have to tell me if she didn’t want to but she insisted, saying that it was something that had to be said. So the day came and we met each other after school like we always did and we both sat on the bench in front of student services. It took her a while but she finally gained the courage to say it, “I really like you, like you” and then she left because she had to run to her after school thing, before she left I handed her a little note and told her not to read it until she was alone.

The weekend passed and then came the greatest day of my life, April 5th. I met her in the morning that day and she told me that she had read the note, I apologized saying that “remember I’m no Shakespeare, my poetry isn’t that great” she laughed and said that she really liked the poem but that we should talk and so after school we did. I remember being nervous that whole day, thinking “What if she says no?” or worse, “What if what she said was an April fool’s day joke?” I finally came to the conclusion that no matter what, this was the day when I was going to ask my friend, the Aphrodite of my world, to be my girl. After school we met and I remember that again we stayed quiet for a little bit. But then I got next to her, looked into her beautiful eyes as brown as the earth and full of desire, and asked if she would go out with me. At that moment I witness a miracle. My friend, a girl whose beauty even the angels in heaven are envious of, said yes, and I became the luckiest and happiest man on the face of the earth. We gave each other our first embrace, and having her in arms made me realize just how overwhelmed with joy and love I was. I remember telling all my friends that she said yes and they all saw how happy I was because of that. Words come short to express the joy and love that we both shared during those 3 months that we were together.

Everyday seemed to be better just because I was given the chance to spend them with her. And of all the days that we spent together, I would have to say that I especially liked April 24th, the day we both shared our first kiss. It felt like a dream come true kissing her, the world seemed to simply disappear and we really didn’t want to stop at all. That kiss, much like every other kiss that we shared, was full of nothing but passion and affection for one another. I remember that after every kiss, we both would be out of breath and she would slowly lay her head on my chest as she patiently waited to refill herself with air. And as she stayed there, she would start smiling and holding me tighter, and I would continue holding her in my arms and smiling as well. Then I would look into her eyes, the gateways into her heart, and tell her “I love you so much”, and we would just be together without a care in the world. We were truly happy together, or so I thought. Sadly as I mentioned before, I did lose my friend. Through some of the choices that we made we grew distant of each other and now we don’t talk anymore. I truly miss my love and friend, she meant so much to me but this is what she wanted, and all I really want is for that smile to never fade from her angelic face. Even if it means that I’m not the one who puts it there like I used to.

And just like our relationship, our days in high school have reached its end. While I look back on everything that we’ve been through, all the days full of happiness and love, I can’t help but think of you my friend. I can’t help but recall the memories of walking you to your classes while holding your hand in mine, or holding you so close to me and whispering into your ear how much I adored you. I can’t help but reminisce on the times when your laughter would be like the music to my life or that smile of yours and how I would do anything just to make you happy. I will definitely miss you and those times we spent together. But one thing is for sure though and I can promise you this:
“The time soon comes for parting

And our time is at an end

The rest of your life is starting

And we have no time at all to spend

But in my heart you will always be

Along with the memories that were shared by you and me”

Goodbye my friend, thank you for everything.

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