sister running away

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I remember laying down on the couch watching t.v feeling fine
everything was fine until my dad walks in and says “Wheres your sister? i’ve looked everywhere and i cant find her” I felt so mad because i knew this day would come...i knew she had ran away.I was shocked because i had no idea she’d runaway that day. So i ran to my sisters room worried and noticed a paper laying on her bed saying that she hates being at the house but i kinda knew she’d be with her bf.

I was so mad because i hated her bf he was a trouble maker and a bad influence. I really hated her for doing this for someone who wasn’t even worth it at all just so they could be together that made me pissed.So of course i helped my parents look for her for hour’s.Finally a couple of days later we get a call from my sisters boyfriends mom saying she had found them on the streets of Toppenish.My mom felt relieved so my mom went to go and pick her up right away but when my sister came back she looked and acted different. I felt like i didn’t even know her anymore.

When my sister ran away of course i was worried but i was more mad at her than worried because my family and i were always stressed out all the time because we were going through a hard time me and my sister weren’t doing so good at our other school we used to go we had to switch school’s. So when my sister ran away it just made everything a lot more worse.

After what i saw my sister put my parents through i know that i’d never runaway to be with a guy who’s a bad influence its really not worth it in the end.

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