I remember

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I always asked my parents for things I wanted but they would not get it for me . My parents worked so hard to get things we wanted. I realized now how hard they worked.

In the summer I remember going to pick cherries with my parents . I Hated it because it was so hot! My fingers hurt from all the picking . My parents would get mad when me and my sister would throw cherries at each other when we were bored . When I got home from work I would go take a shower then go to sleep .

When I woke up I was sore from my arms it felt like I had bruises all over. I remember when I had to stay home from school to take care of my younger sisters while my parents were working . They had to drop out of school when they were younger to help their parents get money. I felt bad sometimes when I asked them for something . They were so tired all the time . I did not ask them to take me anywhere .

I remember going to school late all the time because I had to get my sisters to school first . Sometimes I would go home after school and be alone because my parents worked late and my sisters were still at school I did chores then make food for them when they came home .

When I was not feeling good I would always go to my friend to talk
to her because she knew how to make me laugh and I would forget about problems I had. When I needed help in class, she would help me when I felt lonely she would stop what she was doing and come with me so I wouldn’t be lonely . I am so lucky to have a friend like her I wouldn’t know what to do with out her .

My sister is now graduated from high school so I think that’s a little bit better she can help my parents pay the bills. She has helped my parents a lot . Now I don’t feel like I have to do every thing anymore because my parents have gotten a better job. I will always remember this. I am thankful for every thing that my parent have given me even if it was not the best thing in the world.

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