May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

remember one day when we went to my aunts house. i went with my uncle to go turn off the sprinklers in the fields. me my cousin and my uncle went on a four wheeler. i rode in the back with my cousin, it was small and my uncle decided to go fast. it was a bumpy ride and when there was a big bump i thought i was going to fall off. i was talking to my cousin, and we wanted to jump off because we were kinda scared. we never did and as we talking, my uncle had tried to turn but he couldn’t. in an instant i was on the ground in pain.

i had hit the fence i was confused and my back was hurting. i couldn’t get up so i look around and see my cousin standing up. i yelled at him to come help me up. when i was off the floor i could barley walk. i felt the side of my head and it had blood, because of when i had hit the fence. we didn’t we didn’t want to get back on with my uncle so we walked home instead. it took us a while to get home, because of my walking slow. when we finally got home, i couldn't wait to see what i had on my head. so i went to the bathroom and checked it. the mark of the fence was on my head. it is on the right side of my head.

when i got out my uncle had left already. we all wondered why he had left and then we saw my other cousin coming from where we had crashed. he was laughing they asked him why he was laughing .he showed us what he had in his hand . it was my uncles fake teeth, my cousin said they were stuck in the ground and that was the reason my uncle had left. we had a party that day and we finally went home.

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