Utterly poor

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Poverty is a horrible thing that affects million of people in the world people suffer because of poverty many have died. Getting out of it is the best thing to do but it can not be accomplished easily. Back when I was a little kid my family had problems with money as a lot of families do. We really struggled back then our family didn’t have much money but they cared a lot about us. We were always hungry and could not afford nice things only the things that we needed.

People say that poverty can be over come by working hard and going to school and that is true. That would make me mad because my parents would try hard but they couldn’t get out of it. Yet my mom didn’t go to college because she had a baby right out of high school my dad on the other hand went to college he had to leave due to the baby .

Wishing isn’t enough to get out of poverty. A short supply of food and no clean water can make someone feel like they won’t survive. That made me sick that I had to go through it and I was sick because there was no food. There wasn’t much food back then my family had to get by with only buying the smallest amount of food. Most of the food we had to at was a plate of beans and water now I know that isn’t exactly a three course meal. The meals were only once a day unless you ate at school.

My dad would never give up hope he would put a strong face so we wouldn’t worry about anything. My dad would go to work every day and never skip a day we needed to get by and my mom had to take care of us. My parents suffered to make it through and I knew what was going on the whole time. Soon my parents got an eviction notice to leave because the place was going. It worked out though because the place we moved to was closer to were my parents worked so it would cost less to get to and form work.

The first couple of months were hard because the house had no food or water so there was nothing to fill you up. After the years passed and the times changed life had gotten easier to live my family had gotten out poverty. My dad still went to work and my mom had made her own work and made enough money to pay the bills. But we were still having trouble since my brother is going to college and the expenses were adding up to a huge amount. My family made there own business to pay the bills because everything adding up. Life had stopped being a poor experience.

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