The last time

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I remember the last time my mom was abused by my dad was also the worst time ever. I remember I had walked into their room and my daddy was hugging her. I was so happy! For a moment their I got my hopes up, thought my dad would change. Boy was I wrong.

I went downstairs and called my grandma. Told her I wanted to go over and let my parents be alone. Then for some reason I got a bad feeling something bad was happening and I tuned out my grandma and try to listen what was going on upstairs. I heard my mom yelling but I couldn’t tell why. I kinda wanted to drop it because well how could they be so happy one minute and then be pissed of the next. I still had that bad feeling, I didn’t like it. It was like I had butterflies in my tummy and felt nauseus.

Finally I decided to go check it out. As I was going up the stairs I was really nervous and scared I kinda knew what was happening but didn’t really want to accept it. Going up the 2nd story I new exactly what was going on and decided to hurry and help my mom. Half way through the second stairs I felt weak and couldn’t really move but I keep running all the way. Finally reached 3rd story but the stairs just keep me from helping my mom, I couldn’t make it. My thighs burned, I was a little 6 year old my legs could only go so fast.I reached the third floor with no breath or energy, no idea how I keep going but I did. I ran across the hall what seemed like an eternity. As I reached the door I didn’t want to open the door, but I had to help my mommy I couldn’t leave her not now and not ever.

Walked in to see my mom on the floor being kicked in the tummy, blood everywhere... on the floor the wall all over her body. I was frozen wanted to stop everything but my body wouldn’t let me move. A minute ago everything hurt and now I felt nothing at all, just a tiny water drop going down my cheek. I was light headed. My moms face was in so much pain all soon as she saw me she started crying. Then my dad got her and hit her face on the wall.
How could this be happening? Or was it happening? I made my first move an ran towards my dad, the only thing I could do was scratching him and trying to punch him... he picked me up and threw me on top of my mother making her fall once again to the floor. There was more and more blood. My dad started yelling and picked me up and threw me to the other wall he got his gun out and put it on my moms neck, this time I didn’t stall to help my mom. I ran towards my dad again started bitting him and pulling his hair. I was not gonna let him kill my mother... I took the gun and then I pulled the trigger...... BOOMM!!

My dad left the house and my mom was still bleeding, as soon as my dad left I had to run all the way downstairs again ran across the street and told them what had happened they ran towards my house. The woman’s husband carry me, I was so happy for that. Finally we made it to my mom and the last thing I said was help her please, don’t let her die!! I was knocked out!!

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