Disney Adventures

May 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I was 11 years old, the summer of the end of my fifth grade year. I was outside sitting in the grass drying out from being in the pool all afternoon. It was a hot day, clear blue skies and a slight sweet refreshing breeze from the west. I can see my mom driving up the road coming home from work. I decide to go inside and get some dry clothes on. During dinner my mom told us that she had a surprise for us. She tells us the story of how her boss had given us a trip. The choices were either to go to DisneyLand or Hawaii. We all thought about it for a second, at first I thought Hawaii would be a lot of fun, but on the other hand DisneyLand would probably be a lot more fun. So I decided to tell her DisneyLand and my brother and sister agree.

The day had finally came! I woke up at 5:00 in the morning to start getting ready to go to the airport. I finish my packing with in an hour. They're was still two dreadful hours to wait so I decide to watch some t.v to pass the time. We are finally all packed up and ready to head for Yakima to get on our plane. We get to the airport and get through security which I thought wasn't very thorough. No wonder its so easy for hijackers and terrorists to hop on a plane. We then get on our plane to Seattle. At first I was scared because i've never been on a plane, but it turned out to be a lot of fun! We get to Seattle and we only have five minutes to get to the other side of the airport,luckily we made it just as they were about to shut the door.

California! We arrive at the John Wayne airport and get our luggage and rental car. We leave the airport and get on the freeway to Anaheim. We arrive at our hotel in about 15 minutes. We get all our stuff unpacked and get everything sorted out. We relax for awhile and ordered dinner. After dinner I look out the window from our room and look out to the park which is only across the street, I dreaded to be there!

I decide to ask my parents if we can go to the park and watch the firework show and they thought that sounded like a very good idea. We get there and find a good spot in front of the castle to watch the show. I thought that there would be more people there then there actually was. Finally the fireworks start and it was a really good show. It was around 10 and we decide to go look around and ride some rides. The park was suppose to close at midnight but there was still people operating the rides. So we were pretty much the only ones riding the entire time until they announce that the park was closing at 1.

We head back to our hotel and fall right into bed , the only problem was that we couldn't fall asleep right away. We eventually fall asleep and get to close our eyes for a couple hours before we have to wake up early again to start our first day at Disney. We wake up and start to get ready which took a while. Eventually we got out of the hotel and we started walking to the park.

What should we do first? We get in the park and do a little window shopping here and there and once again I notice that there's not as many people as I thought! Maybe this a slow time in the year and we just got lucky to be there when we were. We got to ride a lot of the attractions and had a lot of fun! The best part was that the lines were not long! They're was always about 10 people in each line! Seriously!

We got to watch the water light show this night because there wasn't anything else going on tonight, the show was awesome though because they acted out scenes from Disney movies with the water! Then unfortunately day one was over.

On the second day we went to California Adventure. I personally like DisneyLand a lot better but it was still a lot of fun. We went on a lot of the rides, except there was one that I really didn't care for, Screaming California because roller coasters aren't really my kind of thing. The Tower of Terror was the best ride ever! At first I thought it would be horrible but it was a lot of fun! Then there was the most awesome ride ever! GRIZZLY RIVER RUN!!! We saved this ride for last because we knew we were going to get soaking wet because of looking at some of the people who were getting off were soaked! After that we finished the day off shopping and went to watch the firework show for the last time:(! At about midnight we walked back to our hotel and did a little packing to leave for home the next day.

This is one of the best but worst trips ever. It was the best because it was so much fun, and the worst because it was over to quickly! We finished packing and started to load the car to head off to the airport. We get to the airport and it went as it did in Yakima except security took forever it seemed like! Finally we get on the plane and me and my sister sit next to each other but guess what? We had this special needs dude sitting right next to us but luckily he eventually after a while calmed down and left us alone. We get to Seattle and wait to get on our flight to Yakima. We arrive in Yakima and head home! HOME!!!!!!!! I thought it wasn't so possible to be that excited to be home.

Overall the trip was well worth it and memorable! I am so glad that we went to DisneyLand instead of Hawaii.

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