The First Day

May 25, 2011
By SMA27 BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
SMA27 BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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It’s felix’s birthday party, and the day turns into night. We all start messing around having a good time. People are buzzing and making fool’s of themselves including me. I turn my head to see Felix, Gema and who knows who else sitting on the kitchen floor in a circle talking laughing and drinking.

I try to fall asleep but it’s no use so i give up. I might as well stay awake and live it up! A couple minutes passed and I have no idea what’s going on. Words are slipping out of my mouth and my words begin to slur. Turns out I am not the only one doing crazy things. Dash is doing back flips off the bed trying to jerk, Gema is just talking about anything but no one even knows what she is saying. Out of no where i see Haze slap Gema! Everyone is doing their own thing.

I had no idea we’re being so loud. We hear knocks at the door and suddenly a loud strong voice speaks saying “POLICE OPEN THE DOOR”. Everyone keeps quite, but not for long. Me and Dash start laughing. Felix is freaking out telling me to help him hide all the beer. We think fast grabbing large black garbage bags to hide the beer. Finally when we throw all the beer bottles in the bag we hide the bags under the bed.

Ciara’s mom is no where to be found. She’s not answering he phone. We all turn to look at one another and think “f***. We’re Screwed”. The Police is still knocking. We keep hoping that they will go away if we ignore them. Little did we know, the window was open, so we give up and open the door.

They come in and have everyone sit in a circle on the living floor. They start throwing questions at us, and we all dodge them like bullets. They look at us in a weird way. Being very suspicious, we all feel like they know something; we’re all trying to hide the fact that we’re drunk.

When they start asking for my information my heart beats faster, harder and louder. It almost feels like its coming out of my chest. I am shitting bricks! I am drunk, confused and all of this feels unreal. The cop ask us why are there so many kids here? Haze says “We’re All Family, we’re Going Camping”. The cop looks at him with a weird look on his face; I think he knows we’re lying.

They decide to take us all down to the police station because none of our parents have answered. Felix and Ciara stay. The S.W.A.T van arrives and next thing I know I am at the police station, they cuff me and take me home. I am so relieved when the cop uncuffs me.

As soon as I get home I tell my mom a lie saying “I didn’t feel good” so I left Ciara’s. She believes me. I grab her phone and delete the call and voicemail the cops left her. I turn to look at the clock it’s 5am am thinking to myself ?“Damn It’s The First Day Of Summer And Already All Of This Has Happened”. I can already tell this summer is gonna be dope.

I look back at it now and think how crazy everything was that day. I am glad i got to experience it all.

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