Pursuit of happiness

May 25, 2011
By veronicacruz BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
veronicacruz BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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Dear God,

Why did my parents think i would become a bad daughter? Why did they have to be strict about where I go & who I go with. Why me, why not my sister? She’s the one that go pregnant at a young age! She’s the one who wouldn’t come home until midnight! & I’m getting blamed because they think that i will turn out that way!

I remember when my parents told “You won’t be able to go out, only if its school related.” My life was over all because supposedly my future said i would rebel. My Uncle thinks he can tell what I’m going to become later in life, and I don’t let anyone decide/tell what I will become.

All they did was talk behind my back when I was in california. What a nice way to feel welcomed. I was sad & had grudges against everyone. I would say to myself “ill turn into the bad kid they don’t want me to become!” I was getting punished for things I haven’t done.

My sister got pregnant at the age of 16 & they treated her with more respect than they ever did with me. I remember I told my sister how i was going to do what my parents think I’m going to do. She tells me to prove them wrong. But I was so angry that i would make their wished come true, well more like there nightmare. If they where just saying that I would become a bad daughter so i wouldn’t become one, they thought wrong. I hated the fact that they where my parents, and thought so little of me.

I think this is why kids rebel & never listen to there parents. Many parents are way to strict to kids & some don’t care about them, so they do whatever they want anyways.

So I decided not to listen to my parents when they told me to do things. I yelled back at them but I was still stuck home. I started to get depressed & angry at the same time. I thought I had no life so why live it.

To my parent they thought they were protecting me from being bad. But little did they know they were making my life a living hell!

I Let them know they were being Unfair, So day by day they Changed & became less strict. All i needed to do is talk to them about it & everything would’ve been back to normal. Instead of yelling back & not listening to them.

The girl who had not life & no reason to live, found Millions of reasons why to go through tuff times because because eventually things will turn out how you want them to. If you really search for that happiness, You will soon get what you Deserve.

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