June 15, 2011
By Anonymous

This whole bad scene started on July 3rd of 2009 at about 4:00 pm. It was a hot humid day. Friends were arriving to celebrate the countries independence and to watch fireworks. Luggage was being unloaded, appetizers put out and the rubber lined concrete pool was being filled up for the summer. The parents were talking at the picnic table on the porch, the kids playing. Since the pool wasn’t finished yet the ladder to get out was not yet in, so I decided to pick on my little brother, who at the time was six. I was going to bug him and trap him in the pool because he couldn’t get out-little did I know that this simple little joke would follow me for the next two years.
I went over to my brother, picked him up around his torso and carried him underneath my armpit into the pool area while he screamed/laughed “put me down” and then hoisted him down by his arms into the pool. After a few minutes of watching my brother trying to get out and laughing I finally decided to let him out. To help him get out I had to get in myself and lift him out. I walked around to the edge and stared down to the ground, the water was slowly filing up the blue rubber lined pool. I figured it was about 6 feet deep so no major damage would be done. So with a little hop, I jumped into the 3 inches of water not expecting anything to happen, but without my knowledge my toes on my left foot went down vertically, the second I landed I felt a pain rush through my foot, my eyes widened from the pain and I immediately stuck my foot in the cold water that was gushing out of the green garden hose hoping that it would make it feel better. I turned my head to see my little brother, he was struggling to squirm his way out of the pool, but sure enough he made it out by himself. I sat there letting the cold water run over my foot for a few minutes until I thought I was able to walk on my foot. So I attempted to push myself up with both my feet but the pain in my left foot was to much, my leg buckled and I fell down and pushed myself up with my hands only using my right foot instead. I limped over to the shallow end as slowly as possible barley putting any weight on my left foot because the pain was too immense. I reached the edge and placed my hands on the hot wood surrounding the pool and with everything I had I jumped up and pulled myself out of the pool, almost instantly I felt a shock of pain that made me almost scream out loud, I jerked my head back trying to keep in the scream and gasped, the pain was worst then what I felt when I first landed, I squeezed my eyes and quickly hopped over to the stone bench that lie near the pool and sat holding my swollen foot. I called out to my mom telling her
“I need ice really quickly I think I twisted my ankle really bad. “
She quickly got up and hurried into the freezer coming back out with a pack of frozen peas. I gently placed the cold peas on my foot bring hoping to bring down the pain. I sat on the hot rock bench with the cold peas pressed on my foot until they were room temperature and got up hoping the pain would hopefully have gone away. But as soon as I put that foot down I knew it was more then a twisted ankle, the pain was still there . I bit my upper lip and put all my strength into walking into the living room to sit on the couch, but I was limping to much to even call it walking-which made my father notice and worry, he gave me a painkiller and I sat on the couch half asleep until I was ready to go to bed. The next day my foot was doubled in size and I was taken to the hospital at around dinner time to find out I had broken my foot.

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