Take Me With you

June 13, 2011
By ShainaMarie BRONZE, Savona, New York
ShainaMarie BRONZE, Savona, New York
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Scars - they remind me that the past is real. And the more scars, the better; 'cause it just means that I was never afraid to try. :)

Today you asked me what I'm going to do when you leave for college. I told you I was going to take your stuff, use your dresser, get rid of you bed, - and I'm keeping the mini-fridge. . .you are certainly taking it. I told you to clean out your desk and throw away your trash. That I will once again turn into Mr. Clean when you're gone - even taking out part of the wall to make a secret compartment for my own vacuum cleaner so I don't have to drag the other one up and down the stairs. To be frank, I might have been serious about that. But other than those things, I don't know. It's not a matter of dealing with the family without you - because I do believe I can handle that - it's a matter of you're not going to be here anymore.
We wont have those five minute fights that end with "HAHA! You're funny when you're mad," and a quick "I'm over it."
We wont have those moments late at night where we're laughing at everything that's not hilarious.
I wont be deprived of sleep because of the clicking noises that come from your texting addiction.
There still wont be anyone who understands me (you never really did, I just thought I'd throw that out there.)
I wont have someone to watch Disney movies with.
There wont be anyone I can tell everything to.
There's no one else that I can sit in Wendy's with for an hour - surrounded by old people - having the deepest conversations - from marriage to the anti-christ. I'll miss that the most.
I guess what I'm trying to say is - if you really have to leave, fine...just take me with you.

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