My Life With The Beatles

June 8, 2011
By LovelybutDangerous BRONZE, Mabelvale, Arkansas
LovelybutDangerous BRONZE, Mabelvale, Arkansas
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My first experience with The Beatles was at the age of one probably. My parents surrounded me with the stuff. I remember thinking that The Beatles always sounded like Help or I Want to Hold Your Hand. Boy was I wrong. At the age of five my father bought the album One and said "You will listen to this." So I did. My whole family would do spring cleaning with the windows open and The Beatles coming out of the speakers of the stereo in our living room, filling our house with the old classics as well as some of the weird classics. Then my sister and I became teenager, and as most do, we relocated to our own rooms.
I profoundly remember this day. It was a Tuesday. I was in ninth grade, I was also in my horrible alt-rock phase. And then a radio station was playing commercial free, the entire White Album. This is the night I fell in love for the first time.
There is nothing like listening to the White Album for the first time. I lied in my bed listening in the darkness until two a.m. The next morning I stayed home from school. When my mother asked me why I told her the truth. "I was listening to The Beatles White Album until two a.m. lat night." She said "Good job," and sent me back to bed.
I am now graduated from high school and starting college, and The Beatles have remained a constant. The Beatles are my friend. The Beatles are my family. The Beatles were their for me when people weren't, they never asked for anything in return. The Beatles are healers. They helped me, they made me the person I am today. And for that I will always respect and love The Beatles.

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