An Abrupt Afternoon

June 5, 2011
By aminarab BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
aminarab BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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As far back I can remember, there has rarely been a day when I did not follow the rules and regulation. Whether it is school, home or any other place that I visit, I always opt to exhibit this behavior that served almost like a cliché, bounding me within the extremes of predictable world. This conventional behavior has indeed served my parent’s purpose of passing on their legacy and to some extend have helped me tackle issues with elegance; however, it shaped my life to resemble a continuum of a rigid pattern with occasional hikes of spontaneous events that occurred as a result of my own curiosity to cross the border. Such events were the ones that I attach the most importance since they helped me deviate from the norm and discern the other side.
In America, the first few months that I spent of high school was when I felt an unprecedented motivation to completely break through this monotonous life style but initially the pressure of a novel and an unfamiliar environment kept this desire in check. Moreover, I was intrinsically forced to secure stability but it all seemed to change gradually as new experiences withheld my entity and then departed leaving some profound memories. Last year, I went through the most absurd experience, and its vivid mental picture still brings on smiles when me and my friend try to revisit our common memories after we went our separate ways. It was early winter and I was desperately eager to do something that involved a potential break from my standard life. After contemplating a few a days, I carefully picked out a day when less work was expected at school so that I could skip it after lunch. My friend was easy to convince since skipping school was not something new to him but on that day it turned out to be an adventure that he did not anticipate. On our skipping day, it rained heavily and it would not have been a serious issue if we had a car. Standing just inside the school door, the heavy rain drops with chilly wind discouraged my friend to follow with our plan but regardless we ran through the doors with our hoodies on. The streets were deserted except few cars passing by and it felt bizarre walking in this weather. My hands felt frozen and no thought came in my mind except thinking how cruel the weather was and therefore I just hoped to get to the coffee shop as soon as possible to warm myself up. On reaching the coffee shop, we dried ourselves and then got a cold coffee on a cold day; perhaps, my day was just destined to be aberrant. I was peeking out of the window of the shop and as soon as the rain stopped, a sensation of silence prevailed in the atmosphere. We got out and headed towards the bus while conversing how bad our idea was. The next day however we realized the uniqueness of our atypical experience and had a good amount of laugh over it.
Since that day, I have a tendency to avoid such impetuous moments and have gotten back to the same old constant lifestyle probably because past memory still persists in my mind and has contained the need for any excitement or its just that I haven't found a very good friend that would share my desire for excitement. However, I have realized that spontaneous events are more rewarding when they happen after a long time and it is not a gruesome idea to free oneself from the various bounds once in a while and just follow the heart.

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