Star Field

June 3, 2011
By Anonymous

What do you think of when you look at the stars?

I think of my life and how I am living it. I think of how I love to sing and dance. And how much I love my family and my friends. I think of life and death. I think of my stories, my poems, my songs that I have written and how much my life is made in the shade. and how much God has done for me. And my everyday sins and problems. I think of my crushes and my one true love. I think of all the love stories I have watched and how alike they are to reality. I think of how much I have to live my life different and how much everything that my parents do for me. I think of how much I love my little brother. I think of my puppies and how much that they have to learn. I think about my future… college, marriage, children, a stable job… I have been blessed to look forward to all of this.

What do you think of?

The author's comments:
Stars... **** Just stars...

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