The Death Hero

June 3, 2011
By black1892 BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
black1892 BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
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The air is cold, streets crowded. Black suits fill the sidewalks. As three black limos cruise slowly by they bring attention to those wondering the streets. The dim cloudy sky pours rain over the fallen hero as he cruises though the streets. Nothing but a shallow feeling of grief passes over everyone as people watch a hero pass. The crowd gathered to witness the journey of an American hero brought to an end. The limos stop. Six soldiers gather around to help the hero. Raising him high over head and carrying his weight on their shoulders. The colors of freedom cover him as they carry him to his final destination of the other fallen heroes. Soldiers stand and salute the red, white, and blue flag on the fallen hero’s coffin. They salute the hero one more time as he is carried to his final resting place.

A family watches as their beloved hero is carried away. They head toward the hole in the ground, and as they get closer, tear fills the eyes of loved ones. A mother drops to her knees, saying “Why my son? She cries out, “Why him?” . A father holds his head down in disbelief for the lose of his only son. He places his hand on his wife shoulder not watching as they carry his son away. A wife stands alone cradling a hero’s son. A widow she becomes as they place the coffin down. The soldiers gather to fold the flag which cover the hero. The General takes the flag, handing it to the wife and mother. He too cannot make eye contact with the sadden family. He sharply turns and then walks away. The soldier grapping their rifles sound off as they lower the coffin to the earth. “Bang!” Shot fired giving the hero a final sound off. “Bang!” Four more shots are fired.

As the coffin is lowered down, a silence disperses over the land, soldier begin the sound off. Firing rounds to the heavens, the shot echo over there crowd. Tears fill people’s faces. As they cry, rain falls, masking their tears. The shots stop and all you hear is the coffin hitting the earth’s center. The General speaks, he reads”
Thanks for Your Life
They fight to live
They fight to die
To give us freedom
From land to sky.

They gave us a chance
To rule on our own
Now we live to show them
How strongly we've grown.

Thanks for your fight
Thanks for your life
We now live in Peace
Day and night.

(By Jordan P.)

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