Babysitting the 666's

June 1, 2011
By Anonymous

It was a few days before christmas and our new neighbor asked if we could baby sit for her grandchildren who were visiting. There were eight kids, all different ages, so I asked two of my friends if they would help me. When we got there, the girl who was ten years old was celebrating her birthday.She was so mad because her parents were leaving her! We had such great cake and everything seemed perfect. When the parents finally left, she stormed off to her room and locked the door!

There were so many kids, and they were all screaming at us to give them piggy back rides. We played hide-and -go-seek, tag, and every other possible game. One of the little boys (Isaac) was running around the house in his underwear. While my friend Hannah took care of Isaac and my other friend Caroline took care of the infant, I had the other five kids! The kids I had were angels sent from heaven above; they never cried or yelled, they just sat there in front of the T.V.

When the parents left, they had told us to get the kids in bed by ten o’ clock. We listened to their directions and had gotten them all on the blow-up mattresses to go to bed. The ten-year-old girl and a girl who was nine stayed up and got to watch the Premiere of a Disney channel movie. In less than two minutes of getting them into bed, they ALL started screaming and crying. Some were because they missed their parents and others because they wanted to watch the Disney movie.

Well, crazy Isaac, of course, had to freak out and start punching us and calling us stupid. Caroline and I took him into the hall and gave him a talk. Since he was being such a brat we just decided to let him watch the movie in another room.

Meanwhile, Hannah was telling them a story based off the commercials that she had seen for the movie! May I say it was pretty good, but they just wouldn’t go to sleep. About an hour or so later, the parents came home and the kids ran straight downstairs.

All of the kids were yelling at us and tell their parents that they hated us! We were so embarrassed, but we were lucky because the parents did not care at all. We left as quick as we could and sprinted to my house. It looks like we won’t be babysitting for her again.

What I learned from this experience is that you should never babysit a group of ten kids no matter how much money you get paid. Its a recipe for disaster(and embarrassment).

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