chair test

June 1, 2011
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My hands start to sweat, heart rate up, nervous. We all hesitate to walk into the testing room; an army charging into battle. I think back to 4 months ago; a failure when I was assigned a test piece, all but impossible for me. I can't let that happen again! This is my last concert of the year! I sign my name on the list and sit back. One by one; the best trumpet players; my best friends, come under the chopping block and can't hold up. I re assure myself that I'm ready and leave it in fate's hands
Tunnel vision. Everything closes in around me as I sit down and focus on my music
"Mark stout... second chair" The teacher announces. I think to myself: "Am I surprised? No. Am I happy? Heck yeah"
I Look over to the lower chairs and see two of my best and most talented friends sitting 8th and 9th, heads down, broken.
It's a hollow victory without them here.

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