Vignette 2

June 1, 2011
My Invented World
(Dedicated to my friend who wrote a essay on me, so I thought I add to her thoughts on “my world”….This is what my world would be like)
My friend Riley decided to write a descriptive essay on me, she added a bit
of what she thinks is in “my world” so I thought I would correct her. My world
would not be perfect, it would not be a utopia. People would have flaws,
but not atrocious ones like craziness and the urge to kill. I hate rain
but I love rainbows; without rain you can’t have rainbows so there will
be rain. The temperature stays the same everyday no matter rain or snow. No
one would be poor, everyone would help one another and cancer and all
deadly diseases would be wiped off the face of the earth. All food would taste great
and be healthy. There would be museums on gummy bear, ice cream, and candy
flavors instead of the Klu Klux Klan, Al Capone, and World War II. The cars
will run on renewable energy, the earth’s nature. Things like plants and trees would
flourish. Animals and humans would live as one, not evading each other’s
turfs. We would have conflict, without conflict there wouldn’t be math, or
puzzles. But conflicts would help gain knowledge and reach goals. There
wouldn’t be drugs, alcohol, or other harmful chemicals. Okay, so maybe “my
world” sounds like a utopia but hey, one can dream.

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