With a Billion Dollars

May 31, 2011
By Sam Edmunds BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Sam Edmunds BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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With a billion dollars, I would hope to change the world in profound ways. There is so much we could achieve with our minds, but we are hindered by our petty bureaucratic governments, unwilling to give up some of their precious military budget. I would give money to researchers around the world, those with the craziest ideas any one could think of.

The truth is that our would is stuck where the only technology that seems to be progressing are computers. We can't have one form of incredibly advanced technology and another that is still in the stone ages. The computer industry is ruled by customer demand for the fastest, yes computers make our lives easier, but think of materials that could withstand and earth quake without any strain at all, or a space station where we have but a foil thin layer protecting us from the environment but can withstand millions of micro meteorites.

I would invest in these things to make a better wold where everything is equal. So one day I can explore as I have always wanted to. The truth is that wee need a pick up with our economic status and if we don't we may fall behind.

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