My Memoir

May 19, 2011
It was a late Saturday night I had a soccer game to go to. I was late and my coach hasn’t picked me up yet. Our game was at Strawberry field 3 and we were playing against the Red Hawks.

We got to the game and everyone is already getting ready to play. When the game was over, Bob took Cody and me to Vinland. We got there we played soccer and basketball mixed together except we couldn’t use our hands, just our feet, chest, and head. We had to make it into the hoop and it took Cody and I a long time to score. While me and Cody where playing Bob come over to us and said “are you guys gonna go watch Lucas’s soccer game”?

Cody and I look up at the same time and said “will be there in a little bit”. A few minutes later we went to see Lucas soccer game. When we arrived to the field there where three minutes left in the game. Before we knew it the game was over and my friend Cody asked me “hey Juan do you want to come over... and spend the night at my house“?
I looked over at him and said “sorry I can’t because I have to go to a baby shower today with my family but thanks for inviting me over to your house”. I remember me and Cody us to be really good friends, we where like brothers.

After Lucas’s game they took me home, my parents were gone. They were out grocery shopping at Central Market buying food like they do every Saturday. I was bored so I played Xbox for about an one hour, watched TV, and waited for my parents to get home. My parents got home and the first thing they said to me was “are you ready to go to the baby shower”?
I just looked at both of them and smiled “umm no…”
They told me “go take a shower and get dressed we are leaving in a few minutes and if you aren’t ready we are leaving without you”. I ran up stairs to take a shower. I quickly washed myself and jumped out of the shower; I went down stairs ready to go to the baby shower. But my parents where nowhere to be found, I looked everywhere for them in the garage and the car was gone. So I called them “why did you leave me at the house, you didn’t wait for me”?!
Both of my parents just laughed “because you weren’t ready so we left”
“Oh so this is just a prank you guys are playing on me”? I said with a serious voice. Honestly I didn’t really care, I was happy I didn’t go. So I just stayed home watching TV and doing homework.

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