Party Time Up North

May 18, 2011
By sam stevens BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
sam stevens BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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One beautiful day in the town of Stony lake there we were standing with our mouths wide open in the nice brisk air. In front of us was this beautiful house that McKenzie and I would be staying in for the next week. When we saw this house we screamed and ran inside, “It’s beautiful” McKenzie said with a huge smile on her face.
“I know we are going to have so much fun” I said. The house was right next to Lake Michigan so of course we had to go test it out. McKenzie and I through on our bathing suits and we flung out the door with excitement “let’s go lets go” we screamed. So we loaded up the van and left for Lake Michigan. When we got to Lake Michigan we threw our beach stuff on the Hot burning sand and jumped in the Lake. “Burr” that’s really cold Kenzie said. “I… I…… I’m frozen” I said. We ran back out of the water shivering like a Popsicle. “The sun is out and feeling good” said Taylor
“Well we are cold” I said with a shiver
“Well since it’s that cold then here” Kenzie laughed
BOOM….. Right in the sand I went
“OMG I can’t believe u did that, but it sure is warmer ahhhhhhhh I like this warmer feeling.” I said in relief
“Well that was interesting” said Taylor
As we all laughed with excitement. We had a great time and loaded up the car again on a beautiful night.
“Let’s get ice cream” we all said
So of course we went and got some ice cream. “I would like the Snickers ice cream please” Kenzie asked
“Same” all the rest of us said. “Yummy this is so good” we said
“Oh I’m not feeling so good” I cried “ I think I’m going to be sick”
“Let’s go quick so she doesn’t get sick” Kenzie said with a frightened face
It felt like a weird reaction to the ice cream like a Volcano going of in my stomach with little bugs crawling inside of me.
“How are you feeling Sam” kenzie asked
“Better than I was” I sighed
“I’m so exhausted” I yawned
‘’ Me to’’ Kenzie exclaimed
“Ok time for bed” said Rachel
“Ok good night “we all yelled
The next morning when we woke up we realized it was the day we had to pack up and leave the house.
“I’m sad we have to leave” said Taylor
“Ok you guys let’s get in the car “said Rachel with a sad voice
“Ok let’s go” We sighed
We got in the car and left the house “well I have never been this sad since my ice cream fell on my shirt” Taylor sighed!
“I Know that was pretty funny” I said
“Well on the bright side we got to have a party in this wonderful place.” kenzie said
“Well I had a ton of fun hope to do this again next year” I said with a smile
“This whole week I felt like a zombie that never slept and was up all night with friends and having fun and would fall over eveytime I would try to walk but I was too tired from all the commotion” I said in a loud voice with exaustedness
“Yup I feel the same way I think it’s time to go home and relax” Taylor said
“Agreed” we all yelled
We had a great time up north in stony lake!!

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